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In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

877-WHY-ISLAM | 1320 Hamilton St. Somerset NJ 08873

877-Why-Islam Program Manager

Job Description
The 877-Why-Islam Program Manager is a critical strategic position that focuses on coordinating the ever-expanding activities of a creative dawah program. The Manager will work with our existing team of passionate and motivated staff and volunteers in the field of Dawah/Outreach. Two main aspects of the Manager’s role are to expand the influence and impact of the program in the following strategic areas:

  1. Overall direction and vision of the Program – a shared responsibility with Why-Islam coordinators group and buy-in of the local ICNA shura.
  2. Presentation of the Program in an inviting manner that results in measurable impact to:
    1. Expansion and retention of engaged volunteers
    2. Expansion of monetary resources to enable further growth of dawah work

The Manager needs to be assertive, independent, confident and display a forward-looking & positive approach to the work. He/she needs to be strong in people and project management, and be equipped to place a particular emphasis on engaging and motivating volunteer-based resources.

This committed individual will be responsible for maintaining a solid foundation and understanding of the various facets of this multi-dimensional program, including customer facing departments like Hotline and Web; to operational departments like Mailing & Fulfillment, Revert Follow-up and Mosque Visit.

The position requires a BS level degree together with dawah experience.

The duties and responsibilities of the position are as follows:

Coordination & Management (30%)

  • Stay on top of all requests and communication between WhyIslam HQ and all external entities including other teams, vendors, partners, volunteers. Although the Program Manager does not need to respond to all requests themselves, they need to ensure all queries and communications are delegated and taken care of.
  • Delegate emails to appropriate internal resources as needed and supervise all requests. Support colleagues by responding to queries from staff and volunteers as well as internal customers (franchises) and external customers (potential franchises or partners)
  • Coordinate major events during year (eg. Invitation, Advertisement & Publicity, Logistics for Window to Islam, Taste of Ramadan, etc.), Manage the work of WI Staff (e.g. Office Administrator, Admin Assistant & other full or part-time staff) – Working with staff & management to create Staff Annual Objectives, Ensuring progress through the year on objectives & supporting staff in their work, Reviewing and directing the operations of Staff Members at-least twice a week and being accountable for the work responsibilities of subordinate staff members
  • Strong Coordination, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, ability to multi-task, prioritize, and work well independently
  • Coordinate with dept leads and members about market demands, trends and propose relevant goals, work with the dept members to create respective dept goals based on dawah needs and resource availability
  • Follow up on the goals through the year to ensure progress, facilitate information and/or resources where dept-teams facing challenges, facilitate quarterly meetings with each department and ensure one of the coordinators is present
  • Understand department strengths, resources, budget and market needs and work with available constraints
  • Attend all local ICNA monthly meetings, Collect and report timely updates to management and in meetings

Team Building & Expansion (20%)

Build a strong bond with existing team-members and facilitate ongoing communications. Actively promote regular project discussions to encourage timely task completion, issue identification and solution, and consideration of new ideas.

  • Create a relationship with potential team members and recruit them to take on projects of interest, Groom new members with various necessary dawah & coordination skills
  • Schedule & deliver Jummah khutbahs in masajid as 877-Why-Islam representative, Promote dept projects in local communities and recruit volunteers on a continuous basis
  • Identify, Groom and Oversee volunteer involvement with various major and minor assignments within departments, Tactfully handle volunteers of varying commitments, ages and backgrounds, treat everyone with utmost respect and ability to resolve any conflicts in working with coordinators
  • Close coordination with dept-leads in maintaining regular follow-up and close contact with volunteers
  • Reaching out to interested vtrs in NJ and nationwide

Fundraising & PR (20%)

  • Create a Marketing Portfolio customized for donors
  • Create Fundraising Goals, Strategy, Plan and Coordinate its delivery with the team resources
  • Understand Current/Past Strategy and Build on it with measureable Impact
  • Lead Fundraising Projects and Campaigns – Videos, Flyers/Postcards, Souvenirs, Key Messages, Email Marketing
  • Network with new Potential Donors
  • Coordinate Khutbahs to promote and fundraise for WhyIslam

Marketing (15%)

  • Enhance Professionalism in our Marketing Strategy
  • Create measurable improvements in KPI and impact of Marketing Campaigns
  • item Collaborate with Chapters on Marketing Campaigns
  • Ensure dawah opportunities are utilized to fullest potential (eg. Dawah Billboard Request from Muslims around country

Franchise Development (15%)

  • Reach out and build partnership with existing dawah teams around the country
  • Close contact with chapters, ensuring touch-base with each lead at-least once in 2 months
  • Visits to each ICNA chapter for Organizational and Training workshops once in 3 years, Ensure clear action list shared after each franchise visit and follow-up conference calls with chapters held within a month to respond to action items.
  • Able to learn use of prevalent software to extract & analyze reports, provide timely updates to franchise after marketing campaign
  • Partner with teams on areas of interest, Develop & Maintain a process for involving other units in Central projects
  • Plan and Facilitate Annual Dawah Summit (Nov/Dec) attended by various WhyIslam chapters

Note – This position requires on-site presence 5 days a week at the 877-WHY-ISLAM Center.

If you or someone you know who would be a good fit, please feel free to propose to email the resume to

1320, Hamilton St. Somerset NJ 08873.

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